Our Story

Welcome to my rlt. Your #1 resource and shop for all things Red Light Therapy. We started this site to share with you our RLT journey and to better inform people searching, like yourself, about the benefits surrounding red light and light therapy. There is a lot of information (and mis-information) out there, so we wanted to provide you a resource of all things RLT and provide you with a trusted option for purchasing one of these RLT machines. After months of search, education, sourcing, we want to take away all your guess work.

Ok - Time for Family and Team introductions. Meet Chris, Kelly and their 2 dogs, Iverson and Gatsby. What first started out as a simple google search in March 2020 at the very beginning of the COVID pandemic, has now transformed into this fun project and first time e-commerce Shopify experience for us both. We are both avid online shoppers (Kelly might the queen of online shopping), we both take our health very seriously, we are always looking for new and exciting tools and technology to improve health, and we are the perfect people to sell you this product because we ultimately had the exact same experience that you are looking for. Our journey started just like yours.

In addition to just healthy people, we also are building out a team of health and wellness professionals to round out our team. We are excited to introduce you to them in the near future.