My RLT Buyer’s Guide: Understanding our RLT Equipment and How to Choose the Right One

It's hard to miss red light therapy when top celebrities and influencers like Victoria Beckham, Chrissy Teigen, and Julia Roberts are talking about it. And if you're here, it means that you're already a believer in the wonderful benefits of red light therapy, but there remains the small problem of finding and choosing the right equipment for your home setup. 

Like having a sauna at home, having your very own red light device allows you to put in the regular exposure required to reap maximum benefits without having to pay exorbitant fees at the local gym or health club. Red light devices are much better than saunas, though, so hold on as we explore what you need to know to find the right red light therapy device for you. 

About MyRLT

The story of MyRLT started in March 2020 when COVID-19 exploded and we were all looking for home-based wellness solutions. However, we (Chris and Kelly) soon discovered that there was and still is a lot of disinformation about red light therapy.

More importantly, we realized that there were almost no reliable, accessible, and affordable sellers of high-quality RLT equipment. We dug in for months of research, education, sourcing, and testing so that we could eliminate the guesswork out of your search for the right red light therapy equipment. 

Since we wanted to give only the best and approved RLT devices, our collection is carefully curated to ensure maximum quality assurance. We are very serious about health technology and using it to achieve wellness, but we also believe in prudence and safety. 

This post will cover the different types of red light therapy equipment and what our selection has to offer. 

Full Body Stands Vs. Spot/Mobile Stands

Red light therapy kits come in different sizes to suit various applications. There are kits for spot treatments and full-body treatments, which means they vary in their use, size, and price. 

Spot Treatments

Spot treatment refers to the use of red light therapy on a specific area of the body such as the face, joints, back, feet, among others. This localized form of treatment is typically used to achieve very specific results such as pain relief, recovery and performance, or for treating skin conditions.

Spot treatment only requires a small, handheld device such as the My RLT Mini. Using a device like the Mini on symptomatic areas up to times a day in 10-minute sessions can be very helpful to achieve the desired result. You only need to hold it by hand 16-24 inches away from the skin for best results. 

Full-Body Treatments

Full-body RLT treatments range from medium-size panels such as the My RLT Full Body Slim Add-On to full-size options such as the My RLT Full Body. The difference lies in the area covered by the device simultaneously, with the former providing half body coverage and the latter giving you full body coverage at once. 

There are also modular units that you can join as needed to provide coverage to specific areas upon demand. All these are part of full-body treatments, but their larger size affects portability and makes them home-based solutions. 

Our Collection

MyRLT Mini

For life on the go, the MyRLT Mini is the perfect portable red light therapy device to take with you wherever you go. It measures 8" L x 9.4" W, so it will easily fit onto carry-on luggage, a briefcase, or a backpack. 

The Mini is a handheld device that emits light waves between 660nm and 850nm, which is the perfect range for lightwaves in the red color spectrum. This light is invisible to the eye but packs a full range of benefits on the areas where it is used. 

My RLT Full Body Slim

The My RLT Full Body Slim is a half-body sized RLT light designed to give more coverage with the option of adding another "add-on" panel to expand its coverage. This gives you full versatility on the size of your body surface that you need can treat simultaneously. The Full Body Slim measures 38cm x 28 cm (15" x 11") and is made of aluminum.

This device is designed to be mounted on the floor or wall and features dual-wavelength light (660nm and 850nm) for maximum benefits. It also comes with a cooling radiator and timer, and it operates at voltages between 85V and 265V.. 

My RLT Full Body Slim Add-On

The Full Body Slim Add-On is a smaller RLT device that you can attach to the Full Body Slim or Full Body panels to achieve broader coverage. It has the same dual-wavelength functionality and measures 48cn x 21cm (18.9" x 8.26"). The Slim Add-on has a power rating of 1480W and works perfectly well on its own or as part of a system with the others. 

My RLT Full Body

Our largest and most popular red light therapy device so far is the My RLT Full Body. Measuring a tall 91cm x 29cm (35.8" x 11.4"), it ensures full coverage when used alone or with the Slim Add-on. Most users love it for muscle recovery after intense workouts due to the superior healing and recovery effects of red light therapy. 

Why Buy Red Light Therapy Devices for Home Use?

It makes sense to invest in a one-time purchase of your own red light equipment for use at home so that you can make full use of it in comfort and privacy. There are two main reasons why this is a good decision. 

Benefits of RLT

Red light therapy has been proven to have a wide range of benefits, but only when you use the treatment regularly as recommended.

  • Improve your skin significantly by reducing wrinkles, removing acne, as well as restoring youthfulness and elasticity
  • Improve recovery after workouts, thanks to reduced inflammation and pain. Post-workout treatments also stimulate better muscle growth and performance 
  • Increased cellular activity leads to all kinds of amazing benefits including increased immunity, better tolerance to pain, and faster wound healing
  • Improved blood flow and circulation can help ease high pressure and ensure better performance 

Cost of Commercial RLT

Even with very attractive benefits and increasing availability of RLT devices, commercial RLT devices found in gyms and health clubs still cost a lot. Daily and weekly sessions will rack up a lot of subscription fees, whereas an investment of a few hundred dollars could give you an ROI in a year or less. 

Join the Trendy New Wellness Regime With MyRLT

Knowing what you know now about the benefits of red light therapy, the types of RLT equipment available, and the potential cost savings, it makes much more sense to invest in a home kit. Your favorite celebrities are not wrong about this trend, so don't be afraid to take advantage of RLT's transformative benefits. Contact us to shop and view these and other products we have on sale.