• Ditch the Ice and Get the Light for Sports Recovery: Why Red Light Therapy is Replacing Bags of Ice

    Ice has been the default solution to dull pain and reduces inflammation for athletes, but a growing body of scientific evidence is now saying "Stop!" Science is also pointing towards red light therapy being a safer and more effective alternative.

    Professional sports and athletics teams under the care of world-class sports physiologists rely on ice. Kids in little league games count on ice packs to relieve pain from sudden injuries. They are a common sight in gyms as well, but is it time we said goodbye to ice packs?

  • Use Red Light Therapy Before and After a Workout for Faster Recovery and Better Performance

    A 10-minute red light therapy session before and after your workouts could be just as important for your performance and health as the warm-up and cool down. Top athletes know this little secret, which is why the US track team for the 2016 Olympics brought along a red light bed to help them train harder. 

  • My RLT Buyer’s Guide: Understanding our RLT Equipment and How to Choose the Right One

    Knowing what you know now about the benefits of red light therapy, the types of RLT equipment available, and the potential cost savings, it makes much more sense to invest in a home kit. Your favorite celebrities are not wrong about this trend, so don't be afraid to take advantage of RLT's transformative benefits. Contact us to shop and view these and other products we have on sale.  
  • Red Light Therapy and Sports; Your Guide for Light Therapy and Sporting Injuries

    Professional athletes and players have been catching onto this novel treatment for many years. Some of the earliest beneficiaries include Olympic distance runners under Nike's Oregon Project and the Phoenix Suns. Here is why red light therapy is the perfect combo for success in sports and training.
  • Red Light Therapy Is Hot Right Now: Here’s Why It's Time to Get Into It

    Celebrities like the Kardashians have been using red light therapy for years now, and it's one of the best-kept beauty secrets so far. Perhaps that's why Kim has that creamy, dreamy complexion many women would die for. 

    And yet, it's not really a secret. Many A-list celebrities are on record parading their red light therapy home setups. We're talking Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, Emma Stone, and many more. Celebrity aestheticians such as Shani Darden are front-line supporters of RLT, but why is it so hot right now if the technology is not new?

  • Blue Light, its Impact on Your Health, and How Red Light Therapy Can Help

    In this introductory article, we will explore what exactly blue light is and the ways in which it may be affecting your quality of life. We will also see how red light can help to reverse the negative effects of blue light and improve your health.
  • Red Light Therapy Vs. Saunas: The Showdown

    You may know something about the health benefits of traditional and infrared sauna, but what about red light therapy benefits? This relatively new form of light therapy relies on long-wavelength light in the 630nm-1300nm range which can penetrate the body and cause all kinds of useful health effects. 
  • Light Therapy and Better Sleep Explained

    Can you believe that, like Vicks ZzzQuil, you can take red light therapy for sleeping problems? That's even without the associated side effects. Light therapy, or phototherapy, is widely used to regulate the body's internal clock to help with sleep in various ways.
  • Red Light Therapy Can Help With Weight Loss, Here’s how

    Did you know that you can use red light therapy for weight loss? Red light therapy is a natural, drug-free way to lose weight. It works by stimulating the body's production of serotonin and melatonin to regulate metabolism.
  • Red Light Therapy, Now Available In Your Home With Full Benefits

    Getting yourself the healing power of red light therapy at home could be one of the best decisions you make this year. These devices have cropped up in salons, gyms, and other wellness institutions across the world, it wasn't until recently that affordable and safer models were designed for private home use.